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Chemdawg Strain


Medical Benefits of Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg, aka “Chem Dog”, can be a great remedy for chronic stress and its effects. Given how it can instantly fill the body with euphoria and relaxation, its no surprise why so many medical users choose this strain. Chemdawg also has anti inflammatory properties, making it helpful to those with conditions like arthritis or Carpal Tunnel syndrome. It can help ease musculoskeletal pain almost instantly, which is very helpful to those suffering from back pains, wrist sprains, and everything in between.

Clementine Strain


Medical Benefits

Although many recreational users love this strain, it also has a  host of benefits for medical patients! For those dealing with depression, Clementine Strain can produce mood-boosting and energizing effects within the user. It tends to lighten up one’s mood, as well as provide a spark of motivation so that you can easily and enjoyably complete necessary tasks. For this reason, this strain is also effective in combating fatigue. For those with ADHD, this strain is helpful in its ability to clear one’s head and allow for a sharper focus. Clementine Strain can also help with chronic stress, given its ability to uplift and clear the mind. Physically, this strain can help alleviate pain, although it might not be the best for intense pain. It’s relaxing body high can help treat minor to moderate aches and pains, but one might want to go with an indica heavy strain if your pain is needing something stronger. Lastly, Clementine is oftentimes used to stimulate appetite and decrease nausea. For those recovering from an eating disorder or undergoing a treatment such as chemotherapy, this strain is able to make the eating process smooth and painless.

Ghost Train Haze

This strain provides a wide range of medical benefits. For those undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, this strain is able to fight pain and inflammation, as well as treat nausea and stimulate an appetite. Many other types of people can benefit from these qualities as well, of course, like those who struggle with chronic pain, are recovering from an eating disorder, or have conditions like fibromyalgia. In lower doses, this strain is also prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD, given how it can help the user direct their focus. This is helpful to those who have depression and anxiety because of how it can uplift the mood and spark a bit of energy. Say goodbye to fatigue and feeling low, this strain will lift your spirits and activity levels and allow for you to find relief!

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is widely celebrated for its high THC levels, which reach up to 28 percent. Because of its balance of indica and sativa, GSC provides a wide range of mental and physical benefits. This strain is very helpful to those dealing with chronic stress or anxiety, allowing for the user to relax. Girl Scout Cookies can also act as a remedy for different types of pain, including chronic pain and muscle aches. It can also treat pain resulting from different musculoskeletal conditions. Also, like fibromyalgia and polymyositis, as well as neuropathic pain. Individuals who plan on using this strain for chronic or severe pain disorders should consider consuming higher doses to ensure effective results. Another benefit of this strain is its ability to relieve nausea caused by chemotherapy or radiation. In addition, GSC can also help treat insomnia and create a peaceful environment to help facilitate a good night’s rest.

Popular Hybrid Strains: Hybrid marijuana strains are typically classified as indica-dominant (or indica-dom), sativa-dominant (sativa-dom), or balanced

Sour Florida OG


Medical Benefits of Sour Florida OG 

Because of the euphoria and relaxation this strain produces, its lends itself well to treating various medical conditions. Along with being able to boost creativity and productivity, this strain is also able to lift one’s mood. As the waves of euphoria settle, Florida OG provides relief to patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders. This strain is able to take the user away from negative thought loops and emotional states, bringing them into a calmer, more joyful present moment. Florida OG can also provide relief from nausea and inflammation from various causes. This can be helpful for those suffering from chronic conditions, such as IBS, as well as those who are undergoing life saving treatment like chemotherapy. In addition, this strain can stimulate an appetite, which tends to go away with treatments like chemo and radiation.