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Unicorn Hunter – Hash

Unicorn Hunter Hash is an excellent premium high quality hash with a soft, sweet, sticky and light spicy aroma. It has a unique sweetness to it. You will feel the effects of the high almost immediately with a promising good nights sleep fuelled by its indica genes. It is unclear exactly how dominant the indica genes are It appears to be a balanced hybrid allowing the consumer to enjoy being in the atmosphere of social gatherings and at the same time it can be great for couch lock activities or lack thereof. Make the most out of your activities! You may be able to alleviate feelings of anxiety, relieving insomnia, mood disorders, ADHD, PTSD, and stomach problems. It also works great for treating hangovers and muscle pains. You are likely to experience a dry mouth and dry eyes. Hashish (“Hash”) is specifically popular because of its potency, renowned for being one of the highly-consumed and sought out cannabis products in Canada and the United States. This cannabis concentrate contains a substantial amount of THC, it is manufactured into a solid resin that can be consumed by smoking or through ingestion. The use and production of hash has spread all over the world, often in the form of hash balls or 100mg bricks. Traditionally, hash is used for medicine and recreational purposes. It remains enjoyable and popular today due to its potency and its healing properties targeting challenging illnesses and chronic diseases.