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Best Grease Monkey


Medical Benefits Grease Monkey

Given this strain’s ability to calm and decompress the user, it’s no surprise that it’s effective in treating depression and anxiety. As the high settles in, the user will begin to become more relaxed and let go of any negative feelings or thoughts they may have been having beforehand. Grease Monkey’s combination of a strong body high and pleasant cerebral effects create a comfortable and uplifting environment for the user. This strain is also helpful for those dealing with chronic stress, as it can provide a window of relief. Physically, this strain is also able to treat pain and inflammation, given how powerful its body high is. Grease Monkey is seriously effective in combating insomnia, which should come as no surprise! As the high winds down, you should be fully relaxed and prepared for a good night’s rest. This strain is also helpful to those looking to stimulate an appetite or ease the digestion process. For those recovering from an eating disorder or undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, these aspects of the strain can be really valuable.

Buy Forbidden Fruit Strain


Medical Benefits of Forbidden Fruit

Because of its heavy indica content, this strain is great for relieving pain and stress. As its deeply relaxing waves settle in, you’ll notice a pleasant sense of numbness throughout your body. Over time, any aches and pains you’re experiencing will fade away into a hazy, pain-free state of existence. For those with anxiety, Forbidden Fruit creates a calming environment in which stress and negative thoughts begin to melt away. Along with its heavily relaxing body high, users report that this strain provides a much needed sense of relief and bliss. Buy Forbidden Fruit Strain is also helpful to anyone with depression, given how it can lift one’s spirits with the cerebral element of the high. This strain can also help stimulate one’s appetite, as well as ease any digestion related discomfort or pain.

Buy Gelato Strain

Its combination of mental and physical effects mean that it’s able to treat a wide range of ailments. On the physical side, Gelato is really helpful in treating pain. Whether it be musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, or migraines, this strain can provide much needed relief through its numbing effects. Due to the intense and cerebral nature of its high, Gelato is helpful to those with PTSD and anxiety. For these reasons, it is also effective in treating depression and chronic stress. This strain is fairly potent, so make sure you are aware of how quickly you’re consuming it

Buy GMO Cookies

For this reason, Buy GMO Cookies is really helpful for those struggling with depression or anxiety. With the relaxing headspace and the heavy body high, this strain can really help the user decompress and remain peacefully present. Garlic Cookies also produces a strong body high, relieving and tension in the body and replacing it with a gentle euphoria. This aspect of the high can be really helpful to those looking to manage physical pain, discomfort, or inflammation. Unlike other strains, Buy GMO Cookies will produce a high that lasts over 3 hours. At the beginning, the high will be pretty euphoric physically and mentally, but as it fades, it’ll keep the user in a positive and creative headspace for longer than the typical strain.

Buy Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue has a low CBD content, which makes it unpopular for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Also, such as cancer, seizures, or nervous disorders. On the other hand, the high THC content of the cannabis strain makes it highly effective for the treatment and management of mild to moderate medical conditions including insomnia. More so, headache, depression, loss of appetite, and OCD. The GG4 strain is adept at helping you manage and deal with a wide variety of stomach ailments such as nausea or an upset stomach. People who suffer from chronic, intense pain will also find Gorilla Glue extremely useful.

Buy LA Confidential Strain


Medical Benefits LA Confidential Strain

After ingestion, patients will begin to feel an increasing sense of relaxation, leading up to a peaceful night’s rest.  In a similar vein, LA Confidential is also helpful to those dealing with depression.  Due to its ability to elevate the mood, although it won’t do much for fatigue. This indica heavy strain can also be used to treat physical pain very effectively, including migraines. Lastly, LA Confidential is great for stimulating the appetite and easing any discomfort related to the digestion process.

Buy London Pound Cake

Buy London Pound Cake London Pound Cake is an indica dominant hybrid strain that really packs a punch. Its THC

Buy Marathon OG Kush

With its soothing and relaxing effects as well as the high that precedes them, it’s no surprise that this strain contains at an average THC level of 20%. Get ready for a potential full-body melt thanks to Marathon OG kush. This strain hits hard and doesn’t ask questions. It may be the perfect tool for encouraging rest, relieving pain, and heady cerebral uplifting. Even a professional stoner may quickly feel the onset of these effects. This strain can provide relief and make the user’s days much more tolerable overall. Marathon OG kush is also the perfect strain for those who are waging a more mental battle. Not only does this strain help with physical pain, but it also helps soothe mental stresses and uplift the mood of the user. These effects make Marathon OG a wonderful choice for those struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders. Just remember to take it slow with this strain: due to its high THC percentages, it can potentially cause some anxiety if you consume too much for your tolerance level

Buy Trainwreck Strain

Unlike most other sativa dominant strains, Trainwreck is quite effective in treating both mental and physicals conditions. Its strong, relaxing body high effectively numbs aches and pains within the user and provides relief from a wide range of ailments. Whether it’s musculoskeletal pains or headaches, this strain can soothe physical pains and replace them with a state of numb, hazy bliss. Mentally, Trainwreck can help users unwind and feel calm for the duration of the experience. These aspects are helpful to those with anxiety disorders or PTSD, given how this strain can act as a safety blanket and create a stable, relaxing environment for each patient. Trainwreck is also helpful for those struggling with depression, since it is able to effectively boost one’s mood and provide a calm and positive headspace.

Buy Wedding Cake

Best Wedding Cake Wedding Cake, also called Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, is known for being as potent as it

Chemdawg Strain


Medical Benefits of Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg, aka “Chem Dog”, can be a great remedy for chronic stress and its effects. Given how it can instantly fill the body with euphoria and relaxation, its no surprise why so many medical users choose this strain. Chemdawg also has anti inflammatory properties, making it helpful to those with conditions like arthritis or Carpal Tunnel syndrome. It can help ease musculoskeletal pain almost instantly, which is very helpful to those suffering from back pains, wrist sprains, and everything in between.

Clementine Strain


Medical Benefits

Although many recreational users love this strain, it also has a  host of benefits for medical patients! For those dealing with depression, Clementine Strain can produce mood-boosting and energizing effects within the user. It tends to lighten up one’s mood, as well as provide a spark of motivation so that you can easily and enjoyably complete necessary tasks. For this reason, this strain is also effective in combating fatigue. For those with ADHD, this strain is helpful in its ability to clear one’s head and allow for a sharper focus. Clementine Strain can also help with chronic stress, given its ability to uplift and clear the mind. Physically, this strain can help alleviate pain, although it might not be the best for intense pain. It’s relaxing body high can help treat minor to moderate aches and pains, but one might want to go with an indica heavy strain if your pain is needing something stronger. Lastly, Clementine is oftentimes used to stimulate appetite and decrease nausea. For those recovering from an eating disorder or undergoing a treatment such as chemotherapy, this strain is able to make the eating process smooth and painless.